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15th November, Edgbaston Cricket Stadium

Learning how a rehabilitation service, be it an acute or community service, or a SEN service, improves therapy outcomes, is essential for various reasons. Not only is it needed to provide evidence-based data to illustrate the impact and value or a service, the nature of the outcomes can provide significant comfort and reassurance to therapy or education team; and of course, the person in need of a rehabilitation service or SEN and their family. 

TOMs CONNECT,  which began in 2016, is a unique conference providing the perfect opportunity for professionals and services to come together from across the UK, and share as well as showcase their work with TOMs, including the capturing of real world, evidence-base data.

More information about the conference including, a message from Prof Pam Enderby, plus how to secure your ticket can be read from this link.

To read more about TOMs and how to access training as well as some of the previous conference content, go to the TOMs CONNECT section of the website via the menu options. 

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Delivering Value-Based Rehabilitation Standards

A person-centred perspective

Free online CPD

When you join the CTN, as well as all the content available behind the member login you can enjoy free access to one of CPD modules, valued at £35 on the Curiate system. Here a two examples of the course. Click on either to see the fill list available to chose from once you’ve joined. 

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The Person-Centred Neurosciences Society have published an important paper one of the largest online medical education platforms in the UK, OnMedica

The paper provides a unique window into what it’s like to hear very challenging news, written with health professionals who have had to hear the news themselves! But importantly, it also highlights how upsetting and stressful it can be for many health professionals who are having to impart that challenging news, something that some people may not have appreciated before.

We are delighted to support this paper which the P-CNS hope can be brought to the attention of many people to support the voice of those who feel they haven’t been heard.

You can read it here on the Onmedica platform. For non health professionals who wish to read this, simply click here

Managing Complex Neurological Conditions in the Community

Wherever you work, be it primary, secondary or community care, the presentations from this event will introduce you to some fabulous work that is going on around the country to support the management of patients with neurological conditions in the community.

More info – supporting the Community Therapists Network

We are delighted that the doors are now open, as of Dec 2022, and that all profits fare going to support the work of the P-CNS, in addition to that of the Lifestyle Health Foundation and the Community Therapist Network. To learn more about this exciting development please take a look through the ‘window.’

Learn how to use the TOMs – next training day

24th September 2024, online. Book your place today. 

The Therapy Outcome Measures (TOMs), developed by Professor Pam Enderby and Dr Alex John, is a reliable and clinical valid outcome measure used by professionals working in health and across, social care and education. It is a measure used to capture data to support the impact and value of person-centred rehabilitation services that are designed to optimises care of person and support the follow 4 aspects of a person’s quality of living:

  • impairment
  • activity
  • participation
  • wellbeing

This one day workshop takes delegates through the clinical significance and relevance of outcome measurement in general. It also provides the background to the development of the TOMs including the reliability and clinical validity.

The training ensures the professional becomes competent in using a simple assessment of treatment outcomes, taking just a few minutes to complete. The TOMs is a tool that is used for treatment planning, clinical management, audit and research. It allows for the aggregation of data so that comparisons can be made for the purposes of internal and external benchmarking. To sign up for the next training day click here

Why TOMs is being used by 1000s of AHPs. 

If you’re not sure how TOMs can support your service, then you may find this very short exchange between Prof Pam Enderby and a delegate from a past TOMs workshop, helpful. Please click on the image above to hear that exchange.

Therapy Outcome Data Storytelling workshop

To take a look at what Neil Pettinger, expert data analyst and storyteller, covered in our new Therapy Outcome Data storytelling (TODs) workshop, click the video. You will see talk about how he will take the delegates through a perfect toolkit that can help therapists to maximise the impact of their Therapy Outcome Measures and other outcome measurement data. A fuller recording of this workshop is being created and will available to members in the coming weeks. To join or renew your membership just click on Join the CTN, for more details.


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