Therapy Connect is an idea that has come out of the current COVID 19 lockdown situation where the CTN  is providing our ‘virtual’ visitors access to short informative interviews (approx 30mins) with therapists talking about their approach to supporting the health and wellbeing of the population. In this, our first interview (lead by novice, Neil Bindemann!) we touch on stress and trauma. Neil interviews Kevin Laye, D.Psy, FAPHP, CNHC Reg and Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn.

Kirsteen is an experienced senior leader with 15 years at Director level in a large corporation. Having led big businesses with responsibility for all aspects of the business. With a proven track record in delivering commercial growth and cultural transformation across large teams (circa 500 people). A seasoned leader with extensive recruitment, talent and performance management experience. As Director of Return to Work Ltd and as a certified transformational health and life coach, she works with companies and individuals to ensure colleagues perform at their best and companies retain and develop their workforce creating an inclusive and vibrant culture. Using a blend of EFT, NLP and CBT to support individuals to build their confidence and manage stress and anxiety enabling them to create the balance and control they are looking for in their life and achieve their full potential.

Kevin is a visionary thinker when it comes to the way therapy is delivered, with a total focus on the outcome states, and solutions. Kevin is a Harley St based practitioner, international trainer and public speaker, having developed a successful practice, and an excellent, global reputation for ‘one session’ fixes to almost any issue. As a Psy -TaP practitioner he employs a combination of proven psychological disciplines, to enable you to get the outcome you want, as rapidly as possible. Due to his successes, he has regularly featured as a guest, and featured therapist on Radio and Television. Kevin is also a Published Author of the books Positive Shrinking, and Positive Drinking. He is also the creator of a set of unique therapeutic MP3s. He is a Co-creator of an online therapy system Zenpower Ltd. He is the Founder, and Creator of Psy -TaP (Psychosensory Techniques and Principles)

Post interview note:

In the interview Kevin refers to an association between the forehead figure of 8 technique and relaxation. He explains here “.. a neurosurgeon I showed the technique too said it would ‘seem that’ stimulating the 3rd eye point will help the pineal gland to interact with the HPA access and create a state of balance or calm”.

Although he refers to the release of the hormone, oxytocin, the major hormone associated with the pineal gland is melatonin. There is evidence for melatonin having a role in mood as well as circadian rhythms and sleep. So, although the exact mechanism may not be clear, if the pineal gland is stimulated via the technique described by Kevin, then a connection to support the use of the practice to support stress management is plausible. 

Supporting materials and resources

“Stress and how to not have ‘Bad’ stress” – blog article by Kevin Laye, explaining the figure of 8 movement

The Trauma Tree, mentioned by Kevin. Click on the image to download load a copy of the tree he shows on screen.


Here you can view preliminary efficacy data using Psy Tap –  a system developed by Kevin. At some point in the future he would like to do pre and post treatment swaps to look at cortisol levels as an example. Also, Kevin is keen to gain official access to an fMRI to investigate and monitor brain changes.

To find out more about Zenpower and Psy Tap and how to get access please click here. You will also find video testimonials on Zenpower website.